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SeRQL: An RDF Query and Transformation Language

  title={SeRQL: An RDF Query and Transformation Language},
  author={Arjohn Kampman},
RDF Query Language proposals are more numerous than fish in the sea it seems. However, the most prominent proposals are query languages that were conceived as first generation tryouts of RDF querying, with little or no RDF-specific implementation and use experience to guide design, and based on an ever changing set of syntactical and semantic specifications. In this paper, we introduce a set of general requirements for an RDF query language. This set is compiled from discussions between RDF… 
The Sesame LuceneSail : RDF Queries with Full-text Search NEPOMUK Technical Report 2008-1
This paper presents a combination of structured RDF queries and full-text search implemented as an extension of an established RDF store with IR capabilities using the text search library Lucene, without requiring modifications to existing RDF query languages.
A Comparison of RDF Query Languages
This paper outlines and categorizes features that any RDF query language should provide and compares the individual languages along these features and concludes with a comparison of the expressiveness of the particular query languages.
A Structured Semantic Query Interface for Reasoning-Based Search and Retrieval
This paper proposes a structured semantic query interface that is designed so as to capture the meaning of the intended user query, regardless of the formalism actually being used, and to transparently formulate one in reasoner-compatible format.
KWRL - an RDF based rule language for annotations, Institute of Computer Science, LMU, Munich
RDF is introduced as the underlying language for the KiWi project, the concept of annotations is introduced, the syntax of KWRL queries, constructions, rules and programs are defined and what needs to be done in further research is specified.
SWQL - A Query Language for Data Integration Based on OWL
SWQL (Semantic Web Query Language), a strictly typed query language for OWL, is introduced and it is shown how it can be used for mapping between heterogeneous OWL schemas.
I 4-D 14 Exploring and Taming Existence in Rule-based RDFQueries
This work proposes a query language for RDF, called RDFLog, with extensive blank node support, and provides both an operational and a denotational semantics of RDFLg, and shows its soundness and completeness.
SPARQL queries on RDF with fuzzy constraints and preferences
A fuzzy extension of SPARQL with fuzzy sets is proposed by allowing the occurrence of fuzzy terms, fuzzy operators and fuzzy relations, and a set of translation rules are proposed to convert the fuzzy SParQL with preferences into crispSPARQL.
RDF Data Analysis with Activation Patterns
This paper explains the Activation Patterns concept and applies it to an RDF representation of the well known CIA World Factbook to transform the information presented by subject-relation-object relations within RDF data into Activation patterns.
Knowledge Extraction from RDF Data with Activation Patterns
The Activation Patterns concept is explained and applied to an RDF representation of the well known CIA World Factbook and it is shown how this represents a common model that is the basis for a number of sophisticated analysis methods.
Heuristic Optimization of SPARQL queries over Column-Store DBMS
This thesis proposes the first heuristics-based SPARQL planner (HSP) that is capable of exploring the syntactic variations of triple patterns in a query in order to choose a near to optimal execution plan without the use of a cost model.


Sesame: A Generic Architecture for Storing and Querying RDF and RDF Schema
This work presents an overview of Sesame, an architecture for efficient storage and expressive querying of large quantities of metadata in RDF and RDF Schema, and its implementation and the first experiences with this implementation.
Exploring large document repositories with RDF technology: the DOPE project
This thesaurus-based search system uses automatic indexing, RDF-based querying, and concept-based visualization of results to support exploration of large online document repositories. Innovative
Querying Community Web Portals
This paper proposes a declarative language suitable for querying Portal Catalogs created according to the Resource Description Framework (RDF) W3C standard, called RQL, that relies on a formal graph model, that captures the RDF modeling primitives and permits the interpretation of heterogeneous descriptions by means of one or more schemas.
The ICS-FORTH RDFSuite: Managing Voluminous RDF Description Bases
This paper advocate the use of database technology to support declarative access, as well as, logical and physical independence for voluminous RDF description bases, and presents RDFSuite, a suite of tools for RDF validation, storage and querying.