Se p 20 03 An infinite family of hyperbolic graph complements in S 3

  title={Se p 20 03 An infinite family of hyperbolic graph complements in S 3},
For any g > 2 we construct a graph Γg ⊂ S whose exterior Mg = S\N(Γg) supports a complete finite-volume hyperbolic structure with one toric cusp and a connected geodesic boundary of genus g. We compute the canonical decomposition and the isometry group of Mg, showing in particular that any selfhomeomorphism of Mg extends to a self-homeomorphism of the pair (S , Γg), and that Γg is chiral. Building on a result of Lackenby [5] we also show that any non-meridinal Dehn filling of Mg is hyperbolic… CONTINUE READING
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