Scuba diving-induced pulmonary edema in a swimming pool.

  title={Scuba diving-induced pulmonary edema in a swimming pool.},
  author={C A Gnadinger and Christopher B. Colwell and Andrew L Knaut},
  journal={The Journal of emergency medicine},
  volume={21 4},
SCUBA diving-induced pulmonary edema is a rare syndrome that has been previously reported to occur in cold water. We present a case of SCUBA diving-induced pulmonary edema in a 52-year-old man diving in a warm swimming pool. The pathophysiology of this syndrome is unclear, but it is unrelated to either barotrauma or decompression illness. This patient developed frank pulmonary edema while submerged, which resolved after surfacing. As with other patients who have had this syndrome, he did not… CONTINUE READING

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