Scrutinizing Global Short-Term Medical Outreach

  title={Scrutinizing Global Short-Term Medical Outreach},
  author={Matthew Decamp},
  journal={Hastings Center Report},
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  • M. Decamp
  • Published 2007
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Hastings Center Report
About five years ago, I was among a dozen or so medical and nursing students involved in a short-term medical outreach trip to Honduras. [...] Key Method (1) Health care personnel from a developed country organize a visit with local contacts in a developing one. The team travels to a community. With them are medical supplies, including medications and educational materials. They stay for a short period and operate something resembling a clinic or surgical center in their home country.Expand
Short-Term Medical Missions Done Well: What Every Sponsoring Institution Should Understand
  • J. Oliphant
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • The journal of physician assistant education : the official journal of the Physician Assistant Education Association
  • 2018
There has been a growing body of literature indicating that participating in an STMM can have positive benefits for the participants and an influx of health care workers that can provide services that might otherwise not be available in that community, opportunities for community and indigenous provider educational programming, and access to medical supplies and equipment that are not typically found in local health care facilities. Expand
Ethical considerations for short-term experiences by trainees in global health.
Ethical issues associated with education and service initiatives of global health programs are described to facilitate the goals of providing medical students, residents, and other trainees in disciplines related to global health the opportunity for international experience while minimizing unintended adverse consequences. Expand
Addressing Ethical Quandaries in Undergraduate Student-Led Global Health Trips
The academic community has critiqued the ethical challenges of these short-term trips, but to date undergraduate students are absent from these discussions, and the university’s role and responsibility in providing guidance for these trips is ambiguous. Expand
Health Care Voluntourism: Addressing Ethical Concerns of Undergraduate Student Participation in Global Health Volunteer Work
  • D. McCall, A. Iltis
  • Medicine
  • HEC forum : an interdisciplinary journal on hospitals' ethical and legal issues
  • 2014
It is argued that the participation of undergraduate students inglobal health experiences raises many of the ethical concerns associated with voluntourism and global health experiences for medical students and that universities should be the primary point of delivery even when universities are not organizing the trips. Expand
Global Health Needs and the Short-Term Medical Volunteer: Ethical Considerations
It is only through direct involvement with the poor in the developing world (or here at home) that medical students and others in the medical profession at large will find reasons to care and, ultimately, find ways to change the health of the world’s most vulnerable. Expand
International short-term medical service trips: guidelines from the literature and perspectives from the field.
Assessment of current practices and challenges of short-term medical service teams in relation to mission, collaboration, education and capacity building, provider qualifications, appropriate donations, and cultural sensitivity and understanding led to guidelines for international short- term medical trips. Expand
New trends of short-term humanitarian medical volunteerism: professional and ethical considerations
Factor increasing the risk of harm to patients and communities are discussed, including inadequate preparation, the use of advanced technology and the translation of Western medicine, issues with clinical epidemiology and test utility, difficulties with the principles of justice and clinical justice, and the lack of population-based medicine. Expand
Best Practices in Global Health Practicums: Recommendations from the Association of Pacific Rim Universities
The objective of this paper is to report on the efforts of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities’ (APRU) Global Introduction to practicums. Expand
Ethical Review of Global Short-Term Medical Volunteerism
  • M. Decamp
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • HEC forum : an interdisciplinary journal on hospitals' ethical and legal issues
  • 2011
It is argued that frequent and formalized ethical review, conducted from the beginning with the local community (where this community helps define the terms of debate), remains the most important ethical safeguard for this work. Expand
Extent, nature and consequences of performing outside scope of training in global health
It is suggested that additional efforts are needed to reduce the incidence of POST during STEGH, including pre-departure training to navigate dilemmas concerning POST, clear communication regarding expectations, and greater attention to the moral distress experienced by those contending with POST. Expand


A model for sustainable short-term international medical trips.
Several ethical issues associated with participation in short-term international medical trips are discussed and a set of 7 guiding principles for making these trips are outlined, which can be used as a model for health practitioners as they develop or select internationalmedical trips. Expand
Global health ethics: the rationale for mutual caring
Despite spectacular twentieth century scientific and technological progress, the world is more inequitable than it was fifty years ago. This is evident both in terms of access to health care forExpand
Short-Term Medical Missions: Enhancing or Eroding Health?
This paper analyzes two case studies of short-term medical missions to Latin America. Its conclusions suggest that when such projects are evaluated in terms of their impact upon the health status ofExpand
Humanitarian aid and medical research: an illusion of dichotomy in international health.
  • D. E. Roth
  • Medicine
  • CMAJ : Canadian Medical Association journal = journal de l'Association medicale canadienne
  • 2001
If you're a physician and you say that you're heading to the tropics for a few weeks to offer your medical expertise to the members of a remote tribe, people are likely to smile and wish you the bestExpand
Ethics in Population-Based Genetic Research
This article reviews the growing literature on genetics research and ethics to describe some of the fundamental ethical issues in population-based genetics research, including research design, recruitment and informed consent, and dealing with research results. Expand
A Model for Sustainable Short-Tenn Interna­ tional Medical Ambulatory Pediatrics
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A Model for Sustainable Short-Term International Medical Trips,
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Short-Tenn Medical Missions: Enhancing Or Ereding Health?" Missiology
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