Scrotal neoplasia: would truck drivers be at greater risk?


OBJECTIVE To analyze how scrotal neoplasias have been managed during the past decade and to question possible factors or professions associated to its presence. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively evaluated every case reported from 1995 to 2005 at our hospital. We described the clinical scenario, complementary exams, treatments and outcomes. We also… (More)


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@article{Seabra2007ScrotalNW, title={Scrotal neoplasia: would truck drivers be at greater risk?}, author={Daniel Seabra and Gilberto Fava and E. Faria and Teoclito Sacheto and Geraldo Santiago Hidalgo}, journal={International braz j urol : official journal of the Brazilian Society of Urology}, year={2007}, volume={33 4}, pages={515-9; discussion 520} }