Scrotal, testicular and semen characteristics of young Dorper rams managed under intensive and extensive conditions

  title={Scrotal, testicular and semen characteristics of young Dorper rams managed under intensive and extensive conditions},
  author={Pieter J. Fourie and L. M. J. Schwalbach and F. W. C. Neser and Carlu van der Westhuizen},
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Influence of feeding level on live body weight and semen characteristics of Sardinian rams reared under intensive conditions
It was concluded that dietary level with higher concentrate supplementation resulted in improved body weight gain, feed intake, sperm production, and semen quality in Sardinian rams.
Biometry and testicular growth influenced by nutrition on prepubertal pelibuey lambs.
Testicular development and testosterone concentrations depends more on BW than age; and they are modified by the nutritional management in prepuberal male lambs.
Seasonal variations in somereproductive parameters of Dorper Rams in Hungary
Semen quality parameters and scrotal circumference of Dorper rams were better in autumn than in the other sea- sons, although the season had no effect on mass motility and progressive individual motility.
Characteristics of the puberty in hair ram lambs and its crosses in Colombia under low altitude conditions
Objective. Aimed to describe the characteristics of the onset of puberty in males in Colombian hair ram lambs (Ovino de Pelo Colombiano, OPC), and their crosses with Katahdin and Santa Inés sheep in
Effect of milk replacer and rumen inert fat on growth and reproduction of Malpura ram lambs.
It is indicated that higher plane of nutrition in the form of milk-replacer feeding during preweaning and rumen inert fat-supplemented feed during the postweaning period to growing ram lambs enhances their growth, testicular development and semen quality.
Effects of different feeding systems on growth, fat accumulation and semen quality of Merino-type sheep
In South Africa, supplemental feeding is provided to improve the condition of breeding livestock before the animals are sold by the stud breeders to commercial farmers. This study aimed to evaluate
Productive and reproductive performance of Rahmani male lambs fed rations containing Jatropha cake.
It could be concluded that bacterial Jatropha meal could be replaced up to 70% of soybean meal in CFM without any adverse impact on body performance, puberty development and semen production of lambs.
Live weight changes, gonadal and epididymal sperm reserves of Yankasa Rams fed different levels of dried layer litter in their diets
It was concluded from the study that dried layer litter can serve as a dietary protein source used to improve live weight and gonadal reserves especially when given at low levels.


The effect of nutritional regimen on the potential semen production of rams
Sperm output of individual rams was not influenced remarkably by the number of ejaculates within the range of 130–160 over two 5-day series, and semen characteristics were examined for semen characteristics and the 'reaction time' was recorded at each service.
Onset of Spermatogenesis in Corriedale Ram Lambs under Extensive Rearing Conditions in Uruguay
It is concluded that, under these rearing conditions, the onset of puberty (expressed as morphologically established spermatogenesis) in Corriedale ram lambs is attained at 180-216 days of age when they reach 23 cm of scrotal circumference and 191 g of testis weight.
Testicular development in Dorper, DOhne Merino and crossbred rams
Testicular development from 3 to 14 months of age was examined in Dorper (DD), Dohne Merino (DM) and crossbred (Meatmaster; MM) rams and a SC : live body mass ratio is recommended as a practical selection criterion.
Effect of undernutrition on the size and tone of the ram's testes
Contribution of the scrotum and testes to scrotal and testicular thermoregulation in bulls and rams.
Results supported the hypotheses that the scrotum has a positive temperature gradient and that the testis has a negative temperature gradient, resulting in a relatively uniform intratesticular temperature, below body core temperature, that is essential for normal sperm production.
Effect of season and nutrition on scrotal circumference of Merino rams
Merino rams fed the maintenance diet showed a pattern of increasing scrotal circumference, starting in late spring after the spring equinox and reaching a maximum in autumn-early winter, then decreasing in mid-late winter after the winter Equinox.
Seasonal variation in semen quality of Boer and Angora goat rams using different collection techniques
The artificial vagina proved to be the most satisfactory method of semen collection in the Boer goat and caused a significant variation in pH between months.