Screening seeds of Scottish plants for antibacterial activity.

  title={Screening seeds of Scottish plants for antibacterial activity.},
  author={Yashodharan Kumarasamy and Philip John Cox and Marcel Jaspars and L. K. Nahar and Satyajit D Sarker},
  journal={Journal of ethnopharmacology},
  volume={83 1-2},
Based on ethnopharmacological and taxonomic information, seeds of 21 Scottish plant species from 14 different families were obtained from authentic seed suppliers. Their n-hexane, dichloromethane and methanol extracts were assessed for antibacterial activity against 11 pathogenic bacterial species. Methanol extracts of 11 plant species showed significant antibacterial activity. Malva moschata and Prunus padus were active against five bacterial species, Reseda lutea against four, Centaurium… CONTINUE READING


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