Screening of the quark charge and mixing effects on transition moments and M1 decay widths of baryons

  title={Screening of the quark charge and mixing effects on transition moments and 
 decay widths of baryons},
  author={Binesh Mohan and Thejus Mary S. and Avijit Hazra and Rohit Dhir},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Motivated by the precision measurements of heavy flavor baryon masses, we analyze the modification of quark charge by employing the screening effect inside the baryon. In addition, we calculate the isospin mass splitting up to charmed baryons employing isospin symmetry breaking. Consequently, we obtain the masses, magnetic moments, and transition moments of J = 12 + and 32 + baryons to predict radiative decay widths for 1 2 ′+ → 12 + and 32 + → 12 (′)+ transitions. Finally, we include the… 
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