Screening of marine microalgae for bioremediation of cadmium-polluted seawater.

  title={Screening of marine microalgae for bioremediation of cadmium-polluted seawater.},
  author={Tadashi Matsunaga and Haruko Takeyama and Teruyuki Nakao and Akira Yamazawa},
  journal={Journal of biotechnology},
  volume={70 1-3},
Twenty four strains out of 191 marine microalgal strains exhibited cadmium (Cd) resistance. They were tested for their Cd removal ability in growth media containing 50 microM Cd. Six strains out of 19 green algae and one out of five cyanobacteria removed more than 10% of total Cd from the medium. The marine green alga Chlorella sp. NKG16014 showed the highest removal of Cd 48.7% of total. Cd removal by NKG16014 was further quantitatively evaluated by measuring the amount of cell adsorption and… CONTINUE READING

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