Screening of marine bacteria for fucoidanases

  title={Screening of marine bacteria for fucoidanases},
  author={Irina Yu. Bakunina and Lyudmila S Shevchenko and Olga I. Nedashkovskaya and Natalia M. Shevchenko and S. A. Alekseeva and Valery V. Mikhailov and Tatyana N. Zvyagintseva},
Twenty-five strains of epiphytic marine bacteria isolated from the brown algaeFucus evanescens andChorda filum and fifty-three bacteria isolated from the sea cucumberApostichopus japonicus were screened for fucoidanases using fucoidans prepared from the brown algaeF. evanescens, Laminaria cichorioides, andL japonica. Eighteen bacterial epiphytes and thirty-eight bacterial isolates from the sea cucumber were found to contain fucoidanases, which were able to hydrolyze either all of the fucoidans… CONTINUE READING

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