Screening for drugs in forensic blood samples using EMIT urine assays.

  title={Screening for drugs in forensic blood samples using EMIT urine assays.},
  author={Hallvard Gjerde and Asbj\org Solberg Christophersen and Bj\orn Skuterud and K Klemetsen and J\org G M\orland},
  journal={Forensic science international},
  volume={44 2-3},
A screening method for the detection of drugs in haemolysed whole blood has been evaluated. Methanolic extracts of 300 forensic blood samples known to be positive or negative for drugs were analysed with EMIT d.a.u. assay kits for amphetamine, cannabinoids, opiates and benzodiazepines (the latter to analyse for diazepam and the main metabolite N-desmethyldiazepam). There were very few false positive results, except for the amphetamine assay in postmortem blood samples, where 9% were false… CONTINUE READING
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