Screening for dementia by telephone using the memory impairment screen.

  title={Screening for dementia by telephone using the memory impairment screen.},
  author={Richard B. Lipton and Mindy J. Katz and Gail Kuslansky and Martin J. Sliwinski and Walter F. Stewart and Joe Verghese and Howard A. Crystal and Herman Buschke},
  journal={Journal of the American Geriatrics Society},
  volume={51 10},
OBJECTIVES : To develop and assess telephone-based screening tests for dementia, especially Alzheimer's disease (AD). DESIGN : A cross-sectional validation study nested within a longitudinal study of aging and dementia. SETTING : The Einstein Aging Study of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York. PARTICIPANTS : Three hundred elderly community volunteers living in Bronx County, 27 of whom were diagnosed with dementia based on in-person clinical evaluation. Of the 27… CONTINUE READING

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