Screening for dementia: comparison of three commonly used instruments.

  title={Screening for dementia: comparison of three commonly used instruments.},
  author={Wilfred G van Gorp and Thomas D. Marcotte and David L. Sultzer and Charles H. Hinkin and Michael E Mahler and Jeffrey L. Cummings},
  journal={Journal of clinical and experimental neuropsychology},
  volume={21 1},
The sensitivity and specificity of three cognitive screening measures - the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE), Mattis Dementia Rating Scale (MDRS), and Neurobehavioral Cognitive Status Examination (NCSE) - were compared in a cohort of subjects with dementia as well as normal elderly individuals. Twenty-two patients met criteria for probable Alzheimer' s disease (AD), 19 for vascular dementia (VaD), and 12 were normal control subjects. The use of standard cutpoints resulted in poor to good… CONTINUE READING

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