Screening for colorectal cancer in Italy: 2005 survey.

  title={Screening for colorectal cancer in Italy: 2005 survey.},
  author={Manuel Zorzi and Alessandra Barca and Fabio Falcini and Grazia Grazzini and Renato Pizzuti and Alessandra Ravaioli and Priscilla Sassoli d{\'e} Bianchi and Carlo Senore and Angelo Sigillito and Marcello Vettorazzi and Carmen Beatriz Visioli},
  journal={Epidemiologia e prevenzione},
  volume={31 2-3 Suppl 2},
We present the main results from the second survey of the Italian screening programmes for colorectal cancer carried out by the National Centre for Screening Monitoring on behalf of the Ministry of Health. During 2005, 52 programmes, adopting faecal occult blood testing (FOBT), sigmoidoscopy (FS), or a combination of both, were active in Italy. Overall, 827,473 subjects were invited to FOBT and 376,240 were screened; the adjusted attendance rate (47.1%) equals the best performances reported in… CONTINUE READING
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