Screening for ASD with the Korean CBCL/1½-5.


To test the Child Behavior Checklist's (CBCL/1½-5) ability to screen for autism spectrum disorders (ASD), we studied Korean preschoolers: 46 with ASD, 111 with developmental delay (DD), 71 with other psychiatric disorders (OPD), and 228 non-referred (NR). The ASD group scored significantly higher than the other groups on the Withdrawn and DSM-Pervasive Developmental Problems (DSM-PDP) scales as well as attaining higher scores (p < .001) on seven items reflecting ASD. With a T ≥ 65 cutpoint on the DSM-PDP scale, sensitivity was 80 % for identifying ASD relative to the other three groups, but specificity varied across groups: NR = 87 %, OPD = 55 %, DD = 60 %, replicating in a non-Western sample results from previous studies. Results suggested that the CBCL/1½-5 performs best in Level 1 screening, namely differentiating children with ASD from children in the general population.

DOI: 10.1007/s10803-014-2255-y

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@article{Rescorla2015ScreeningFA, title={Screening for ASD with the Korean CBCL/1½-5.}, author={Leslie A Rescorla and Young Ah Kim and Kyung Ja Oh}, journal={Journal of autism and developmental disorders}, year={2015}, volume={45 12}, pages={4039-50} }