Screening compliance and visual outcome in diabetes.


PURPOSE To study the relationship between screening compliance and visual outcome in a screening programme for diabetic eye disease. METHODS A retrospective case control study. The screening compliance of all the diabetes patients (n = 22) listed at the Icelandic National Registry for the Blind (visual acuity <0.3) was compared to a matched group of 44… (More)


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@article{Zoega2005ScreeningCA, title={Screening compliance and visual outcome in diabetes.}, author={Gunnar M{\'a}r Zoega and Thorn{\'o}ra Gunnarsd{\'o}ttir and Sigr{\'i}ethur Bj{\"o}rnsd{\'o}ttir and Astradur B Hreietharsson and Guethmundur Vigg{\'o}sson and Einar Stef{\'a}nsson}, journal={Acta ophthalmologica Scandinavica}, year={2005}, volume={83 6}, pages={687-90} }