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Screening and Evaluation of Extra-Cellular Oxidases in Some Termitophilous and Lepiotoid Mushrooms

  title={Screening and Evaluation of Extra-Cellular Oxidases in Some Termitophilous and Lepiotoid Mushrooms},
  author={B. Kumari and R. C. Upadhyay and N. Atri and S. India},
2 Abstract: The present paper focuses on qualitative screening and extracellular ligninolytic enzyme activities in seven fungi at optimum temperature and pH 6.5. To measure the activity of extra cellular enzymes, cultures were incubated over a period of 15 days in wheat straw and Czapek medium under static and shaking conditions. This study shows the potential of diverse fungi for laccase enzymatic activity varied with media and their incubation conditions. 

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