Screening Geopolitics: James Bond and the Early Cold War films (1962–1967)

  title={Screening Geopolitics: James Bond and the Early Cold War films (1962–1967)},
  author={Klaus Dodds},
  pages={266 - 289}
  • K. Dodds
  • Published 1 July 2005
  • Sociology
  • Geopolitics
This paper seeks to extend the remit of popular geopolitics by considering the role and significance of places and their inhabitants in shaping the narrative structures of films. By using the example of the James Bond series from the 1960s, it is suggested that there is more complex series of geographies to be acknowledged. Arguably most of the trade press reviewers were largely content to argue that places were simply ‘exotic locations’. With a detailed examination of screenplays from five… Expand
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