Screaming clouds

  title={Screaming clouds},
  author={Svein M. Fikke and J{\'o}n Egill Kristj{\'a}nsson and {\O}yvind Nordli},
‘Mother‐of‐pearl clouds’ appear irregularly in the winter stratosphere at high latitudes, about 20–30km above the surface of the Earth. Mie scattering from cloud particles with sizes near the wavelength of visible light is responsible for their extraordinarily beautiful colours. There were no reported observations of such clouds before 1870. We argue that the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch may have been terrified after seeing a spectacular mother‐of‐pearl cloud event and that this experience… 

The Sky in Edvard Munch’s The Scream

The Scream is a well-known painting by Edvard Munch (1863–1944). The Norwegian word used by Munch is “skrik,” which can be translated as “shriek” or “scream.” The Scream may be of interest to

The earliest datable noctilucent cloud observation (Parma, Italy, AD 1840)

Noctilucent clouds (NLCs) are an uncommon phenomenon that provides information about the conditions and dynamics of the mesosphere. The first observation of NLCs was recorded in 1884/1885, following

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Abstract. The little-known Awu volcano (Sangihe Islands, Indonesia) is among the deadliest, with a cumulative death toll of 11 048. In less than 4 centuries, 18 eruptions were recorded, including two




A two‐dimensional model of mother‐of‐pearl clouds

A two-dimensional model of a mother-of-pearl cloud is computed for a specified structure of the atmosphere at the levels of the inversion at about 25 km in the winter polar stratosphere: temperature

Polar Stratospheric Clouds and the Ozone Hole

During the winter clouds appear in the Arctic and the Antarctic stratospheres. These clouds have been observed for over a century, and during most of that time they were considered an interesting and

A Century of Stratospheric Cloud Reports: 1870-1972.

Abstract The results are presented from a careful, systematic search for reports of stratospheric clouds over the period 1870–1972. For the high-latitude Northern Hemisphere, a total of 156 dates are

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Volcanic eruptions are an important natural cause of climate change on many timescales. A new capability to predict the climatic response to a large tropical eruption for the succeeding 2 years will

The Oslo temperature series 1837–2012: homogeneity testing and temperature analysis

A 175 years long homogenized composite record of monthly mean temperatures is presented for Oslo, the capital of Norway. The early raw data have been digitised and quality controlled, and monthly

Light scattering in planetary atmospheres

This paper reviews scattering theory required for analysis of light reflected by planetary atmospheres. Section 1 defines the radiative quantities which are observed. Section 2 demonstrates the

The Private Life of a Masterpiece

Book synopsis: By following the trail of clues through each masterpiece this book explores the life of the artist and the masterpiece from its conception through to its unveiling and afterlife. The

Mother-of-pearl clouds and their problems

SummaryAt first the results of the investigations on mother-of-pearl clounds are summarized. In the second section fit methods are suggested in order to further research.ZusammenfassungZunächst

On the physics of mother-of-pearl clouds

  • Geofys. Publ. 21(9): 1–32.
  • 1960