Scratch-Resistant Improvement of Sol-Gel Derived Nano-Porous Silica Films

  title={Scratch-Resistant Improvement of Sol-Gel Derived Nano-Porous Silica Films},
  author={Jue Wang and Guangming Wu and Jun Shen and Tianhe Yang and Qinyuan Zhang and Bin Zhou and Zhongsheng Deng and Bin Fan and Dongping Zhou and Fengshan Zhang},
  journal={Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology},
Scratch-resistance of sol-gel derived nano porous silica films were studied. The thin films were prepared with a dip-coating method from both one-step and two-step catalyzed silica sols, and treated in a mixture gas of ammonia and water vapour afterwards. The thin films were characterized by using Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), ellipsometer, Fourier-transform Infrared Spectroscope (FTIR), respectively. Experimental results have shown that the two-step catalysis remarkably improves strength of… CONTINUE READING