Scrapie prions alter receptor-mediated calcium responses in cultured cells.

  title={Scrapie prions alter receptor-mediated calcium responses in cultured cells.},
  author={Karin Kristensson and Burt Feuerstein and Albert Taraboulos and William C Hyun and Stanley B Prusiner and Stephen J. DeArmond},
  volume={43 11},
The molecular basis of neurologic dysfunction in prion diseases is unknown. Spongiform degeneration of neurons is the most characteristic neuropathologic change which raises the possibility of abnormal ion channel function. Here we examined the regulation of Ca2+ fluxes in two cell lines chronically infected with scrapie prions, designated ScN2a (scrapie-infected mouse neuroblatoma) and ScHaB (scrapie-infected hamster brain) cells. In uninfected HaB cells, bradykinin caused increases in… CONTINUE READING

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