Score-level fusion by generalized Delaunay triangulation

  title={Score-level fusion by generalized Delaunay triangulation},
  author={Yasushi Makihara and Daigo Muramatsu and Haruyuki Iwama and Trung Ngo Thanh and Yasushi Yagi and Md. Altab Hossain},
  journal={IEEE International Joint Conference on Biometrics},
This paper describes a method for score-level fusion in multi-cue two-class classification problems. Fusion based on the probability density function (PDF) of multiple scores given for each class is a promising approach because it guarantees optimality as long as the estimated PDFs are correct. Instead of lattice-type control points used in previous non-parametric density-based approaches, floating control points (FCPs) are introduced to improve scalability and the whole posterior distribution… CONTINUE READING