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Scopoletin and aromatic acids from mulinum crassifolium

  title={Scopoletin and aromatic acids from mulinum crassifolium},
  author={R. Riveros and G. Morales and A. Loyola and R. Torres},
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Mulinum crassifolium Phil; Two New Mulinanes, Gastroprotective Activity and Metabolomic Analysis by UHPLC-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry
Scientific evidence can support the contribution of polyphenols in the gastroprotective activity of the edible infusion of this plant, and can validate at least in part, its ethnopharmacological use. Expand
Mulinic and isomulinic acids. Rearranged diterpenes with a new carbon skeleton from mulinum crassifolium
Abstract Two new diterpenoids, mulinic and isomulinic acids, have been isolated from the aerial parts of Mulinum crassifolium (Umbelliferae). The structure of mulinic actd (1) was determined by aExpand