Scopolamine impairs memory recall in Octopus vulgaris.

  title={Scopolamine impairs memory recall in Octopus vulgaris.},
  author={Graziano Fiorito and Claudio Agnisola and Marilena d'Addio and Angela Valanzano and Gemma Calamandrei},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={253 2},
The involvement of the central cholinergic system in predatory performance, and on the recall of individual and observational memory in Octopus vulgaris was studied by treating the animals with the muscarinic antagonist scopolamine (2 mg/kg). The absence of the effects of the injection of scopolamine on blood circulation was also checked. Scopolamine did not affect the ability of octopuses to prey on live crabs. However, it interfered significantly with memory recall. In fact, the ability to… CONTINUE READING
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