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Scoping and Feasibility Study to Develop and Apply a Methodology for Retrospective Adjustment of Alcohol Consumption Data

  title={Scoping and Feasibility Study to Develop and Apply a Methodology for Retrospective Adjustment of Alcohol Consumption Data},
  author={M. Stead and L. Bauld and K. Angus and L. Macdonald and M. Munafo and A. Attwood and A. Ataya and Elizabeth Fuller and K. Pickering},
Underestimating the Alcohol Content of a Glass of Wine: The Implications for Estimates of Mortality Risk
It is demonstrated that in a large cohort study, this underestimation of alcohol intake in population studies affects estimates of mortality risk and investigator-led cohorts need to revisit conversion factors based on more accurate estimates of alcohol content in wine glasses. Expand
Alteration of gut microbiota composition by short-term low-dose alcohol intake is restored by fermented rice liquor in mice.
It is suggested that short-term and low-dose alcohol intake induces alterations in fecal microbiota composition, and FRLs administration can restore microbial composition and suppress intestinal inflammation, highlighting potential benefits of F RLs as fermented foods. Expand
Assessing barriers to providing tobacco use disorder treatment in community mental health settings with a revised version of the Smoking Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (S-KAP) instrument.
Enhancing community mental health clinician TUD treatment skills and commitment to providing such services may reduce TUD rates among people with SMI. Expand
The collectivity of British alcohol consumption trends across different temporal processes: A quantile age-period-cohort analysis.
Countervailing alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm trends in the UK may be explained by lighter and heavier drinkers having different period and cohort trends as well as by the presence of cohort trends that mean consumption may rise in some age groups while falling in others. Expand
Twenty‐Five‐Year Alcohol Consumption Trajectories and Their Association With Arterial Aging: A Prospective Cohort Study
It is demonstrated that consistently heavy alcohol consumption is associated with higher cardiovascular risk, especially among males, and also provides new insights into the potential impact of changes in drinking levels over time. Expand
The clustering of health-related behaviours in a British population sample: Testing for cohort differences.
Evidence of HRB clustering across time and by gender provides a person-centred understanding that can inform interventions to improve HRBs. Expand


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Obtaining information about drinking through surveys of the general population
  • National Statistics Methodology Series No. 24. London: Office for National Statistics. Goddard E (2007). Estimating alcohol consumption from survey data: updated method of converting volumes to units. National Statistics Methodological Series No. 37. Newport: Office for National Statistics.
  • 2001
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