Scope of Pain Clinics in India

  title={Scope of Pain Clinics in India},
  author={Mayank Chansoria and Gautam Das},
One of the revolutionary disciplines emerging in the field of medicine in India in recent times is Pain Medicine, though developed countries like the United States have put a special impetus on its practice and recognized it as a separate specialty since the last century. This shows the lack of awareness of this specialty in our country not only among patients but also among the medical fraternity. This huge lag in the awareness of pain management facilities calls for special endeavors… 
Awareness, attitude, and knowledge about “pain clinics” among general practitioners in Nagpur City
Aims: The number of patients with chronic pain is increasing every year, and effective management of it is one of the prime concerns of doctors across the world. But this demands appropriate


Textbook of pain
Part 1 Basic aspects: peripheral - peripheral neural mechnaisms of nociception, the course and termination of primary afferent fibres, teh pathophysiology of damaged peripheral nerves, functional
Radiographic imaging of regional anesthesia and interventional techniques Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone
  • 2002