Scleromyxoedema in a dog.


BACKGROUND In humans, scleromyxoedema is a chronic progressive skin condition traditionally characterized by deposits of mucin, increased number of fibroblasts and fibrosis in the skin, and by systemic disease. Thyroid disease is typically absent. A monoclonal gammopathy is usually present, as are other comorbidities. Descriptions of scleromyxoedema in the… (More)
DOI: 10.1111/vde.12447


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@article{Laprais2017ScleromyxoedemaIA, title={Scleromyxoedema in a dog.}, author={Aurore F Laprais and Petra Bizikova and Erin W Lashnits and Alison R Tucker and Keith E Linder}, journal={Veterinary dermatology}, year={2017}, volume={28 5}, pages={503-e119} }