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Scientific racism and the emergence of the homosexual body.

  title={Scientific racism and the emergence of the homosexual body.},
  author={Siobhan B. Somerville},
  journal={Journal of the history of sexuality},
  volume={5 2},
  • S. Somerville
  • Published 1 October 1994
  • History
  • Journal of the history of sexuality
One of the most important insights developed in the fieldsof les? bian and gay history and the history of sexuality has been the notion that homosexuality and, by extension, heterosexuality are relatively recent in? ventions in Western culture, rather than transhistorical or "natural" cate? gories of human beings. As Michel Foucault and other historians of sexuality have argued, although sexual acts between two people of the same sex had been punishable through legal and religious sanctions… 
Liberating sex, knowing desire: scientia sexualis and epistemic turning points in the history of sexuality
  • H. Chiang
  • Philosophy
    History of the human sciences
  • 2010
It is argued that the late 19th century and the mid-20th century constitute two critical epistemic junctures in the genealogy of sexual liberation, as the notion of free love slowly gave way to the idea of sexual freedom in modern western society.
The Medicalization of Sexual Deviance, Reproduction, and Functioning
Beginning in the late nineteenth century, western science, medicine, and the emergent fields of psychiatry and sexology began to supersede custom and religion as the authorities on sex. Since this
Beyond the Limit: Gender, Sexuality, and the Animal Question in (Afro)Modernity
Author(s): Jackson, Zakiyyah Iman | Advisor(s): JanMohamed, Abdul | Abstract: "Beyond the Limit: Gender, Sexuality, and the Animal Question in (Afro)Modernity" demonstrates that key texts of
Remembering Lugones: The Critical Potential of Heterosexualism for Studies of So-Called Australia
Heterosexualism is inextricably tied to coloniality and modernity. This paper explores the potential of Argentinian philosopher Maria Lugones’ theorisations of heterosexualism and the colonial/modern
The Masculine Degenerate: American Doctors' Portrayals of the Lesbian Intellect, 1880-1949
Beginning in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, American medical writers first attempted to define the troubling specter of the lesbian. As a central part of this endeavor, medical
Intervening in intersexualization: the clinic and the colony
This dissertation intervenes into the process of intersexualization by focusing on specific moments in history in which anthropological, bio-medical and psychological accounts produce the issue of
‘Duties for her race and nation’: Scientistic racist views on sexuality and reproduction in 1920s Hungary
This article aims to give insight into the 1920s’ scientific racist discourse in Hungary with a special emphasis on sexuality and reproduction. Post-First World War Hungary saw new developments in
Sexual Orientations, Rights, and the Body: Immutability, Essentialism, and Nativism
Both advocates and opponents of lesbian, gay, and bisexual rights (LGB rights) make reference to whether and how sexual orientations are embodied, namely whether one's sexual orientation is innate,
Historicizing inversion: or, how to make a homosexual
  • M. Reed
  • Sociology
    History of the human sciences
  • 2001
The importance of a ‘style of reasoning’ to the creation of sexual kinds at the end of the 19th century, a kind of reasoning that might be styled as historical is suggested.
The Race of Hysteria: "Overcivilization" and the "Savage" Woman in Late Nineteenth-Century Obstetrics and Gynecology
HYSTERIA, WE LEARNED FROM FEMINIST HISTORICAL SCHOLARSHIP IN the 1970s, was never just a disease. It was also the way nineteenthcentury U.S. and European cultures made sense of women's changing