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Scientific language in skin-care advertisisng: Persuading through opacity

  title={Scientific language in skin-care advertisisng: Persuading through opacity},
  author={Marisa D{\'i}ez Arroyo},
  journal={Revista Espanola De Linguistica Aplicada},
  • M. Arroyo
  • Published 2013
  • Business
  • Revista Espanola De Linguistica Aplicada
Persuasion in advertising generally refers to the advertisers’ ability to modify the (potential) consumers’ behaviour and move them finally to purchase the product. This paper analyses the persuasive function of scientific language in English advertising, an under-investigated area of research. It specifically explores how scientific language is used both in cosmetics leaflets and beauty firms’ websites. It examines the reasons for the displacement of such specialised terminology and the… 

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Selling “Healthy” Radium Products With Science: A Multimodal Analysis of Marketing in Sweden, 1910–1940

We study the marketing of radioactive products in Sweden from 1910 to 1940, using a dataset of newspaper and magazine advertisements. We use multimodal critical discourse analysis to show how

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The current process of undertaking, implementing, reviewing, and finally publishing a scientific study is riddled with flaws, as the study results are subjected to many biases and interpretations at

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Trust in science and scientists among secondary school students in two out-of-school learning activities

ABSTRACT Research on science outreach activities is often located in the interface between science communication and science education. The transferability of aims and objectives of one research

User profile and preferences in fertility apps for preventing pregnancy: an exploratory pilot study.

Women who use or wish to use apps to prevent pregnancy are seeking apps that are scientifically sound and provide them personalized information around their potential fertility, but most fertility apps women reported using lack the capability for true fertility-awareness based method application for accurate, reliable pregnancy prevention.

La alternancia de código como variable estratégica de decisiones económicas en la industria musical

En este trabajo se analiza el impacto de la alternancia de codigo o code-switching en el exito musical de las canciones recientemente lanzadas al mercado. Tras efectuar una revision de la literatura



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The Intertext series has been specifically designed to meet the needs of contemporary English Language Studies and provides an introduction to language analysis through a range of 'satellite' titles which provide students with hands-on practical experience of textual analysis through special topics.


  • H. Sexton
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    The American Journal of Dental Science
  • 1898
on advertising, I will give you my ideas regarding it. These ideas have been developed and confirmed in my mind during the nine years I have practiced. Experience is everywhere recognized as a

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