Scientific and Technological Information Oriented Semantics-adversarial and Media-adversarial Cross-media Retrieval

  title={Scientific and Technological Information Oriented Semantics-adversarial and Media-adversarial Cross-media Retrieval},
  author={Ang Li and Junping Du and Feifei Kou and Zhe Xue and Xin Xu and Mingying Xu and Yang Jiang},
Cross-media retrieval of scientific and technological information is one of the important tasks in the cross-media study. Cross-media scientific and technological information retrieval obtain target information from massive multi-source and heterogeneous scientific and technological resources, which helps to design applications that meet users’ needs, including scientific and technological information recommendation, personalized scientific and technological information retrieval, etc. The core… 

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  • Han Li
  • Computer Science
    Computational intelligence and neuroscience
  • 2022
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The knowledge graph with user perception is used to acquire the source of side information to address the limitations of existing embedding-based and path-based knowledge graph-aware recommendation methods, an end-to-end framework that integrates knowledge graph and user awareness into scientific and technological news recommendation systems.