Scientific Utopia III: Crowdsourcing Science.

  title={Scientific Utopia III: Crowdsourcing Science.},
  author={Eric Luis Uhlmann and Charles R Ebersole and Christopher R. Chartier and Timothy M Errington and Mallory C. Kidwell and Calvin K. Lai and Randy J. McCarthy and Amy Riegelman and Raphael Silberzahn and Brian A. Nosek},
  journal={Perspectives on psychological science : a journal of the Association for Psychological Science},
Most scientific research is conducted by small teams of investigators who together formulate hypotheses, collect data, conduct analyses, and report novel findings. These teams operate independently as vertically integrated silos. Here we argue that scientific research that is horizontally distributed can provide substantial complementary value, aiming to maximize available resources, promote inclusiveness and transparency, and increase rigor and reliability. This alternative approach enables… CONTINUE READING

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