Scientific Social Publications for Digital Libraries

  title={Scientific Social Publications for Digital Libraries},
  author={Fidan Limani and Atif Latif and Klaus Tochtermann},
Social web content is an important development in the scientific workflow. In this context, scientific blogs are an important medium: they play a significant role in the timely dissemination of scientific developments, and provide useful grounds for discussion and development via the readers feedback. Blogs from the domain of economics are no exception to this practice. A possible extension to Digital Libraries (DL) services, content- and service-wise, is to enable its users access to these… 
Bringing Scientific Blogs to Digital Libraries
A methodology for achieving the integration of DL and a blog post collections is explored, together with some use case scenarios that demonstrate the values and capabilities of this integration.
Bringing Scientific Blogs to Digital Libraries: An Integration Process Workflow
This work presents a complete workflow that spans retrieval, processing, vocabulary handling, and finally integration of a scientific blog posts collection to a DL collection.


An entity-based platform for the integration of social and scientific services
The paper describes the user-centered research that has led to the design and presents its architecture which was shown during the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) 2011.
Linking Social Networking Sites to Scholarly Information Portals by ScholarLib
The paper addresses the potentials of Social Networking sites (SNSs) for science and proposes initial use cases as well as a basic bi-directional model called ScholarLib for linking SNSs to scholarly DLs.
Using Blogs and New Media in Academic Practice: Potential Roles in Research, Teaching, Learning, and Extension
Compiling a referenced article for publication in a peer-reviewed journal is traditionally the most respected means of contributing to a body of knowledge. However, we argue that publication of
‘The kind of mildly curious sort of science interested person like me’: Science bloggers’ practices relating to audience recruitment
This article investigates science blogging practices to uncover key trends, including bloggers’ self-perceptions of their role, and identified key factors that affect science blog popularity, including update frequency, topic diversity and the inclusion of non-text elements (especially images and video).
Digital libraries and the social web: scholarship
This is a preprint of a chapter whose final and definitive form was co-published in Exploring Digital Libraries: Foundations, Practice, Prospects by Facet Publishing (2014) and ALA Neal-Schuman
Thesaurus-Based Search in Large Heterogeneous Collections
The design rationale of ClioPatria, an open-source system which provides APIs for scalable semantic graph search, is described and the use of ClIOPatria's search strategies are illustrated with a realistic use case: searching for "Picasso".
Social Annotations in Digital Library Collections