Scientific Literacy

  title={Scientific Literacy},
  author={Jane Maienschein},
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A Vision for University Biology Education for Non-science Majors

As college science educators, we must prepare all future college graduates to be engaged, science-literate citizens. Yet data suggest that most college biology classes as currently taught do little

The Construction of Civil Scientific Literacy in China from the Perspective of Science Education

On 25 June 2021, the State Council issued the new Outline of the National Action Scheme for Scientific Literacy for All Chinese Citizens (2020–2035) (Outline of Scientific Literacy). In order to


Resumo Este estudo compara o letramento científico de estudantes brasileiros e japoneses com base em resultados do Pisa, visando a contribuir com evidências para a discussão das desigualdades

Enhancing student scientific literacy through participation in citizen science focused on companion animal behavior

Inclusion of simple activities that were relevant to students' daily lives, and providing interpretive context for those activities, resulted in improved self-perceived scientific literacy.

Impact of A Practice-Based Professional Development on Secondary Science Teachers’ Use of Disciplinary Literacy Practices: A Design Research Project

ABSTRACT This design-based research investigated the context and impact of a three-year practice-based professional development (PD) project introducing science teachers to pedagogical shifts

Scientifically Informed Solidarity: Changing Anti-Immigrant Prejudice about Universal Access to Health

Currently, anti-immigrant sentiment has emerged again in European countries, as witnessed, for example, by the rise of xenophobic parties in many member states. This is a prejudice that is not new

Science Education and Technology

  • R. T. Bagarinao
  • Education
    Encyclopedia of Education and Information Technologies
  • 2020

Using Primary Research Literature to Teach Critical Thinking in Pre-Service Teacher Education

Much of the coursework in pre-service teacher education programs focuses on “best practices” in classroom teaching that span from general pedagogical knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge

Knowledge communication on social media: a case study of Biomedical Science on Baidu Baike

Baidu Baike, a wiki-like online encyclopedia, is analysed as a typical example in which experts and lay Internet users collaborate and shows that literature is referred to during people’s online communication.