Science in flux: Registered reports and beyond at the European Journal of Neuroscience

  title={Science in flux: Registered reports and beyond at the European Journal of Neuroscience},
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Blinding and expectancy confounds in psychedelic randomized controlled trials
Treatment effect sizes in psychedelic RCTs are likely over-estimated due to de-blinding of participants and high levels of response expectancy, so care should be paid to clinical trial design and the instructions given to participants to allow these confounds to be reduced, estimated and removed from effect size estimates.
Interneuron Dysfunction and Inhibitory Deficits in Autism and Fragile X Syndrome
The recent evidence about the inhibitory alterations and interneuron dysfunction in ASD and FXS is reviewed and the future directions of this field are discussed.
A Correlational Study Between Attachment Behaviors and Spiritual Health with Stress in Pregnant Women Referred to Healthcare Centers in Qazvin, Iran, in 2015
Background: Prenatal stress causes negative health outcomes for the mother and fetus. Hence, investigating coping strategies is essential to reduce such negative effects. Objectives:: The current
Attitudes towards animal study registries and their characteristics: An online survey of three cohorts of animal researchers
The fact that the more senior and experienced animal researchers participating in this survey clearly indicated the practical importance of publication bias and the importance of ASR underscores the problem awareness across animal researchers and the willingness to actively engage in study registration if effective safeguards for the potential weaknesses of ASRs are put into place.
Does preregistration improve the credibility of research findings?
Preregistration entails researchers registering their planned research hypotheses, methods, and analyses in a time-stamped document before they undertake their data collection and analyses. This
Spiritual and Psychological Well-Being of Soldiers in Military Barracks: A Case Study in Iran
Background: Spiritual well-being is the newest dimension of health, which is placed along with the physical, mental, and social aspects of health. Since soldiers in military barracks are exposed to


Reproducibility and reliability of biomedical research
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  • 2015
Open science challenges, benefits and tips in early career and beyond
Key benefits are described, including reputational gains, increased chances of publication, and a broader increase in the reliability of research, which should benefit both the ECR and the quality of research.
Opto nongenetics inhibition of neuronal firing
It is reported that light stimulation, of wavelengths and power in the range of those normally used in optogenetic experiments, consistently reduces the firing activity of naive Mitral Cells and Tufted Neurons in the olfactory bulb as well as in Medium Spiny NeurONS in the striatum.
Mapping the universe of registered reports
The evolving universe of registered reports is mapped to assess their growth, implementation and shortcomings at journals across scientific disciplines.
Protocol transparency is vital for registered reports
The Center for Open Science has created a registry for stage 1 protocols that have been granted in-principle acceptance and created a tool to register protocols on behalf of authors, further streamlining the process.
Reproducibility meets accountability: Introducing the replications initiative at Royal Society Open Science
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  • 2018
A manifesto for reproducible science
This work argues for the adoption of measures to optimize key elements of the scientific process: methods, reporting and dissemination, reproducibility, evaluation and incentives, in the hope that this will facilitate action toward improving the transparency, reproducible and efficiency of scientific research.
Exploratory reports: A new article type for Cortex
Exploratory and confirmatory approaches are complementary, but when the authors seek to share their work through publication, they are rarely weighed as equal.
Registered reports at the European Journal of Neuroscience: consolidating and extending peer‐reviewed study pre‐registration
This research presents a novel probabilistic procedure that allows for direct measurement of the plasticity of the response of the immune system to drugs.
Promoting an open research culture
Author guidelines for journals could help to promote transparency, openness, and reproducibility Transparency, openness, and reproducibility are readily recognized as vital features of science (1,