Science degrees without the science

  title={Science degrees without the science},
  author={David Colquhoun},
Some UK universities offer science degrees in complementary medicine. David Colquhoun argues that these are not science but anti-science, and asks who is to blame. Three UK universities offer science degrees in homeopathy. This does not impress pharmacology researcher David Colquhoun. Medicine containing no medicine is not medicine, he reminds us, and in a Commentary asks, where is the quality control that should exclude homeopathy and other unproven alternative therapies from science faculties… 
Supported by science?: what canadian naturopaths advertise to the public
  • T. Caulfield, C. Rachul
  • Medicine
    Allergy, asthma, and clinical immunology : official journal of the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
  • 2011
A review of the therapies advertised on the websites of clinics offering naturopathic treatments does not support the proposition thatnaturopathic medicine is a science and evidence-based practice.
Quackademia? Mass-Media Delegitimation of Homeopathy Education
In response to concerns about the standards of training for non-medically qualified homeopathic practitioners, between 1999 and 2009 a number of UK universities taught Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Doctor Who? Inappropriate use of titles by some alternative "medicine" practitioners.
This is perhaps not surprising given the history of chiropractic. It has had a strong element of ruthless salesmanship since it was started in Davenport, Iowa by DD Palmer (1845–1913). His son, BJ
What’s in a name?:A boundary work analysis of the controversy over university homeopathy education
This case demonstrates that boundary work can be carried out not only to protect science from outside influence, but it may also be used to intercede in the affairs of other allied professions, in this case medicine.
Is Integrative Medicine the Next New Frontier in Medicine?
This unique issue attempts to bring integrative medicine to greater awareness among Western physicians and practitioners.
Placebos and Medical Education
  • A. Raz, Daniella Guindi
  • Medicine
    McGill journal of medicine : MJM : an international forum for the advancement of medical sciences by students
  • 2008
The road to a medical career seems congruent with reductionist science but incongruent with social science, and medical students receive little education about placebos, which may make understanding placebos more difficult.
Kissing Descartes Good Bye
of the approaches used by complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and indeed by all therapeutic models that offer a complex package of care – physical therapies, surgery, general practice and
Factors influencing the inclusion of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in undergraduate medical education
Current CAM education appears to exist primarily as a means of educating future doctors on the modalities that their patients may use or request, however, some forms of pedagogy arguably risk students assimilating CAM advocacy in an uncritical fashion.
Barriers to the Entry of Biofield Healing Into “Mainstream” Healthcare
Barriers to the entry of biofield healing into mainstream contemporary science and clinical practice are described, focusing on obstacles that arise from the social nature of the scientific enterprise, an aspect of science highlighted by the influential work of Thomas Kuhn.
Under Pressure: Homeopathy UK and Its Detractors
  • L. Milgrom
  • Medicine
    Complementary Medicine Research
  • 2009
The current attacks against homeopathy should be viewed more in the context of the globalised pharmaceutical industry which is itself in crisis, and a succession of UK governments seemingly supine in the face of legislation originating from the European Union.


The Politics of Evolution: Morphology, Medicine, and Reform in Radical London
Looking for the first time at the cut-price anatomy schools rather than genteel Oxbridge, Desmond winkles out pre- Darwinian evolutionary ideas in reform-minded and politically charged early
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