Science as a Career in Enlightenment Italy: The Strategies of Laura Bassi

  title={Science as a Career in Enlightenment Italy: The Strategies of Laura Bassi},
  author={P. Findlen},
  pages={441 - 469}
Analyse des conditions historiques et culturelles qui ont permis a une femme, Laura Bassi, d'entrer dans le cercle restreint de l'academie des sciences en Italie au cours du 18 e siecle 
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For more on Bassi's decision to marry see Beate Ceranski
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    Quae & Scholastica) Corneliae Piscopiae Virginis Pietate, & Eruditione admirabilis
      Rime in lode della Signora Laura Maria Cattarina Bassi . . . prendendo la laurea dottorale infilosofia