Science and human behavior

  title={Science and human behavior},
  author={Burrhus F. Skinner},
The psychology classic a detailed study of scientific theories of human nature and the possible ways in which human behavior can be predicted and controlled from one of the most influential behaviorists of the twentieth century and the author of "Walden Two." This is an important book, exceptionally well written, and logically consistent with the basic premise of the unitary nature of science. Many students of society and culture would take violent issue with most of the things that Skinner has… 

Science and human behavior: A review of William Baum’s Understanding Behaviorism: Behavior, Culture, and Evolution (2nd ed.)

Generally speaking, behavior analysts are acutely aware of the need for increased communication with those in other fields about the characteristics and achievements of behavior analysis. This

Culture, biology, and human behavior

It is shown how behavioral explanations supported by data and theory from the neurosciences can be used to correct the errors of reificationist thinking in the social sciences.

Rule-Governed Behavior in Behavior Analysis

The field of behavior analysis,1 committed to a basic science of human behavior, has never had an easy time of it. Two different but related criticisms have plagued the field. First, it has been

The behaviorist concept of mind

  • D. Rosenthal
  • Philosophy, Psychology
    Behavioral and Brain Sciences
  • 1984
the terms of "mentalism" that human agency is an essential aspect of all significant social and historical occurrences; further, that human agency is not totally determined or "shaped" from without

Toward a human psychology of personality

There is an emerging consensus in certain areas of psychology that sees man as a whole person containing a self, having both ontological and physical dimensions, motivated by present as well as

Radical Behaviorism and Consciousness

Readers interested in a psychology of consciousness might express disbelief at the suggestion that a leading behaviorist, B. F. Skinner, includes in his proper realm of inquiry feelings, thoughts,

Rescuing The Science of Human Behavior from the Ashes of Socialism

The discredit into which the socialist ideal has fallen as a consequence of recent political events calls into question, not just the viability of a particular political and economic system but, the

Quantitative behavior analysis and human values

  • C. Shimp
  • Psychology, Biology
    Behavioural Processes
  • 2007

Humanism and Skinner’s Radical Behaviorism

“Science” and “humanities” are usually placed in opposition. The contributions of the humanities are in areas that are not usually thought of as scientific, such as morality and values, aesthetics,



Sensory processes

    Schedules of reinforcement, 94-106 385f., 396; in the social environment

      Salvation, in justifying religious practices

        See Deprivation Satisfying consequences as reinforcing 81

          Self-knowledge, 261; absence of, 288ff.; and culture, 423; defective

            Operant extinction, 69ff. Operant seeing

              Seeing, as response, 140; conditioned 266-270; operant

                Old maid's neurosis

                  Self-determination, 227ff

                    Operant discrimination