Science and an African Logic

  title={Science and an African Logic},
  author={Barry Hallen and Helen Verran},
  journal={International Journal of African Historical Studies},
Decolonizing Knowledge. Starting Points, Consequences and Challenges
The call for the decolonization of knowledge refers to both its colonization and contingency and puts the focus on the multiplicity of knowledge. This contradicts European-North-American thinking andExpand
On Not Muddling Lunches and Flights : Narrating a Number , Qualculation , and Ontologising Troubles
Calculating and making public carbon footprints is becoming self-evident for multinational corporations. Drawing on ethnographic data I narrate of the calculative routine practices involved in thatExpand
Technological family intimacies
Moving the centre to design social media in rural Africa
  • N. Bidwell
  • Sociology, Computer Science
  • 2014
Oral practices offer oppositional power in designing digital bubbles to support human togetherness and that design can enrich design by moving the centre is proposed. Expand
Culture Counts: Culture, Language & Mathematics in the U.S.
• This study explores the interaction between culture, language, and mathematics through the experiences of multicultural individuals in the United States as they learn math in English as a secondExpand
6.15%: Taking Numbers at Interface Value
This article discusses a number, 6.15%, as it comes into being in the course of an evaluation study of education in a southern Afghan province. This number indicates that out of 100 school-aged girlsExpand
Managing nature, producing cultures: Inuit participation, science and policy in wildlife governance in the Nunavut Territory, Canada
In this thesis, a critical analysis is proposed of the relationships between Inuit participation, science and policy in wildlife governance in the Nunavut Territory, Canada. This analysis situatesExpand
Spatial metaphors of the number line
This paper examines spatial metaphors in the English language associated with the number line, in particular metaphors of direction and motion, and how these are manifested in actual spatialExpand
Ethnographic stories as generalizations that intervene
Located within classic and more recent works in STS the paper grapples with the question of how to write ethnographic stories that generalize particular spacetime places, and simultaneouslyExpand
Knowing and caring : performing legitimacy in neighbourhood planning
Neighbourhood Planning is a form of small-scale, community-led land-use planning, introduced to England by the Localism Act 2011. It constitutes a radical shift for UK planning and a striking exampleExpand