Science and Orthodox Christianity: An Overview

  title={Science and Orthodox Christianity: An Overview},
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This essay offers an overview of the history of the relations between science and Eastern Christianity based on Greek-language sources. The civilizations concerned are the Byzantine Empire, the Christian Orthodox communities of the Ottoman Empire, and modern Greece, as a case study of a national state. Beginning with the Greek Church Fathers, the essay investigates the ideas of theologians and scholars on nature. Neoplatonism, the theological debates of Iconoclasm and Hesychasm, the proposed… 

The Orthodox Doctrine of Creation in the Age of Science

Abstract:This article addresses the Orthodox Christian representation of reality, or doctrine of creation, and the possible need to rephrase and communicate its meaning within the parameters of


The year 1643 saw the publication of Listy swięte o oyca Partheniusza do Piotra Mohily , which came out of the printing press of the Polish‑language department of the Kyiv Lavra. In the Letters

What is in a name? Does the difference between onto-theology and theo-ontology direct the way from eco-theology to theo-ecology ? Specific Russian theological perspectives

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not ecological but rather an asyndetic use of the terminology about the science and religion dialogue, with reference to the nomenclature of ecology and theology. All observation terms and sentences

A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Isis, 2000{2009

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Politically, internecine conflict was varied and unrelating: the Lower Counties against the others, Council against Assembly, Quakers against Quakers. In a section entitled 'The Anatomy of Religious

The once and future language: Communication, terminology and the practice of science in nineteenth and early twentieth century Greece

Science appeared in modern Greece in the first decades after its establishment as a sovereign state in 1828. The University of Athens, the Royal Observatory, the Botanical Garden, and the Natural


The Theory of Pantachekineton of Benjamin Lesvios

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L'oeuvre scientifique de Nikiphoros Theotokis: Tentative d'approche fondée plus particulierement sur les 'Stichia Physikis' (Elements de Physique)

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For more on Chrysanthos Notaros see Nicolaidis

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Meletios Mitros of Athens, the Geographer (1661-1714): Contribution to the Study of His Life and Work and Generally to the Study of the Early Enlightenment

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For the role of Chrysanthos Notaras in science see Noël Golvers and Efthymios Nicolaidis

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