Science, footnotes and the margins of poetry in Percy B. Shelley’s Queen Mab and Charlotte Smith’s Beachy Head

  title={Science, footnotes and the margins of poetry in Percy B. Shelley’s Queen Mab and Charlotte Smith’s Beachy Head},
  author={Philipp Erchinger},
  journal={European Journal of English Studies},
  pages={241 - 257}
ABSTRACT This essay is concerned with the functions of the scientific and philosophical prose notes in Percy B. Shelley’s Queen Mab and Charlotte Smith’s Beachy Head. It argues that, in both cases, the use of notes is a way of connecting the verse text to what seems to be outside of, but might well be woven into, it. Thus, by means of these annotations, the work of poetry involves itself in a field under construction, the boundaries of which, rather than being predefined, are subject to… 
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