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Schools as a Safety-net: The Impact of School Closures and Reopenings on Rates of Reporting of Violence Against Children (preprint)

  title={Schools as a Safety-net: The Impact of School Closures and Reopenings on Rates of Reporting of Violence Against Children (preprint)},
  author={Damian Clarke and Pilar Larroulet and Daniel Pailanir and Daniel Quintana},
Ongoing school closures and gradual reopenings have been occurring since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. One substantial cost of school closure is breakdown in channels of reporting of violence against children, in which schools play a considerable role. There is, however, little evidence documenting how widespread such a breakdown in reporting of violence against children has been, and scant evidence exists about potential recovery in reporting as schools re-open. We study all formal… 



Covid-19 and Crime: Effects of Stay-at-Home Orders on Domestic Violence

The effects of the Illinois governor's SAH order on calls for police service, crimes recorded by police, and arrests made relating to domestic violence are estimated, finding declines for domestic violence crimes are an order of magnitude smaller than the decline in other non-violent crime rates.

COVID-19 and Alleged Child Maltreatment

The policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic led to a sudden and unprecedented increase in the amount of time parents and children spent at home. We use real-time, novel mobile phone movement data

Evaluating child maltreatment and family violence risk during the COVID‐19 Pandemic: Using a telehealth home visiting program as a conduit to families

Providers serving families who were unable to social distance due to employment were more likely to report increased supervisory neglect and material neglect among the families they serve, and providers reporting that families were struggling with elevated frustration levels reported more family conflict and material abuse among the Families they serve.

Dynamic impacts of lockdown on domestic violence: Evidence from multiple policy shifts in Chile

We leverage staggered implementation of lockdown across Chile's 346 municipalities, identifying dynamic impacts on domestic violence (DV). Using administrative data, we find lockdown imposition

All things equal? Heterogeneity in policy effectiveness against COVID-19 spread in chile