School shootings in the USA: Popular culture as risk, teen marginality, and violence against peers

  title={School shootings in the USA: Popular culture as risk, teen marginality, and violence against peers},
  author={Augusto de Venanzi},
  journal={Crime, Media, Culture},
This article offers a critical appraisal of the widespread argument that violent media content is to blame for deadly school violence. The departing premise of this study is that, because of its reliance on sophisticated technologies, popular culture productions represent manufactured risks. The implications of this approach are three: the 'impact' of popular culture will depend on the social risk positions students occupy within the social mapping of the school; there will be risks associated… 

Precursors of School Shootings Branden Harrington

This paper analyzes mass school shootings in the United States, stressing their root causes, indicators, demographics, and suggestive guidelines for preventable measures. Data draws associations

Precursors of School Shootings

  • B. Harrington
  • Law
    Themis: Research Journal of Justice Studies and Forensic Science
  • 2019
This paper analyzes mass school shootings in the United States, stressing their root causes, indicators, demographics, and suggestive guidelines for preventable measures. Data draws associations

#NEVERAGAIN: Framing in Community and National News Coverage of the Parkland Mass Shootings

ABSTRACT This study examined the salience and valence of frames in community and national newspaper coverage of the 2018 Parkland shootings, after which several survivors became well-known activists.

School Shooters

Situations involving active shooters in schools have increased in recent years. We define an “active shooter incident” as an occurrence where one or more individuals participate in an ongoing,

'The Age of School Shootings': A Sociological Interpretation on Masculinity

Resumen en: Over the past two decades there has been a growing interest in the study of the horrendous massacres perpetrated by students at school premises. These ma...

From Virginia Tech to Seattle Pacific U: An Exploratory Study of Perceptions Regarding Risk and Crisis Preparedness Among University Employees

With recent tragic incidents like the 2007 Virginia Tech campus shooting and the 2014 Seattle Pacific University shooting, it is clear that crisis is always a possibility for colleges and

Policy Implementation: Teachers’ Role as First Responders in Emergencies and Disasters

During the past decade, the schoolchildren faced many disasters and emergencies originating from natural and man-made sources. The safety of schoolchildren rests with school management and teachers.

A framework for improving school safety management: applying lean thinking to a case study in Thailand

School safety is critical to education, but is rarely managed effectively. In Thailand, school safety is lower priority than other educational issues, lacking effective policy, and with schools

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Understanding Mass School Shootings: Links between Personhood and Power in the Competitive School Environment

An overview of how seeds of the neglect of the basic needs of personhood, when sown early in life, and nurtured by peers, might come to fruition in the fertile field of the competitive school environment is presented.

School Violence Beyond Columbine

Before Columbine, people tended to look at school violence in fragmented ways, which reflected a disciplinary analysis of social problems. Explanations about the causes of school violence tended

Beyond the Requisites: Alternative Starting Points in the Study of Media Effects and Youth Violence

Criminology and media studies converge in a common fascination with the possibility of the predictability of human behavior and the power of representation. Both fields, historically, are empirically

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Although youth violence and “delinquency” have frequently generated fear of alienated youth in American life, especially since the 1950s, the media coverage of the Columbine shootings reconstructed

Madness in the Making: Creating and Denying Narratives from Virginia Tech to Gotham City

A GREAT DEAL HAS BEEN MADE OF A POST-9/11 WORLD, WHERE security concerns ring loudly around the globe and fears of ‘‘the next inevitable attack’’ are rampant. Much scholarship in Popular

Pathological Teasing and Bullying Turned Deadly: Shooters and Suicide

Abstract Bullying, a form of interpersonal violence, has emerged in the 21st century as an important public health issue. Bullying during childhood and adolescence is a common problem and occurs

Violent death in American schools in the 21st century: reflections following the 2006 Amish School shootings.

  • J. Logue
  • Education
    The Journal of school health
  • 2008
This commentary reviews the continuing pattern of this public health problem into the 21st century, known risk factors, and actions that can be taken by medical and public health professionals to address this issue.

Preparing for prison?

American schools increasingly define and manage the problem of student discipline through a prism of crime control. Most theoretical explanations fail to situate school criminalization in a broader

Becoming economic subjects: agency, consumption and popular culture in early childhood

This paper considers how young children in early childhood education draw on popular texts and consumer goods in their constitution of subjectivities and social relations. The paper draws on

Merchants of Death: Media Violence and American Empire.

In this article, David Trend illuminates the centrality of violent narratives in U.S. popular culture. He describes the ubiquity of violent imagery and the popular discourse it has generated. Trend