School Teaching in Canada

  title={School Teaching in Canada},
  author={A. Lockhart},
The Cultural Preparation of Teachers
This paper describes an ongoing doctoral study on the preparation of teachers to work in a variety of student cultural populations. It will examine teachers from three distinctly different
A qualitative study of Barbadian teachers' professional identity
This study is a qualitative investigation of the professional identity structure of teachers in Barbados, a small post-colonial Caribbean territory. The aim was to determine whether Barbadian
Market Professionals in the Private Tutoring Industry: Balancing Profitability with the Humanistic Face of Schooling.
Based on interviews with private-tutoring-business entrepreneurs, this paper provides a qualitative analysis of some organizational and ideological transformations in the teacher profession with the
The Experiences of Neophyte Teachers: A Critical Constructivist Assessment.
Abstract In this paper the experiences of nine neophyte teachers are examined. Using a critical constructivist approach to analyze the data reveals six conceptual and temporal stages through which
Variation in teacher compensation among Canadian provinces and its probable reasons
The piirpose of this study was to: 1 ) deterrtiinr the rxtent of variation in average tacher compensation among trn provinces: 2) rxplain inter-provincial variation in tracher compensation in ternu
From preservice teacher to emerging professional: constructing conceptualizations of teaching in a culturally diverse society
At a time when schools are becoming increasingly diverse in composition, this study explored five student teachers' perspectives on the changing role of teachers in a multicultural society. By using
Learning To Teach Ethnoculturally Diverse Students: The Role of Teacher Educators.
In Canada there exists a need to prepare the teaching force, which is primarily monocultural and monolingual, to work with an increasingly ethnoculturally diverse student population. This paper