Scholarly publishing and open access in the Nordic countries

  title={Scholarly publishing and open access in the Nordic countries},
  author={Turid Hedlund and Ingegerd Rabow},
  journal={Learned Publishing},
This study examines aspects of scholarly journal publishing in the Nordic countries. On average half of Nordic journals publish online. In most Nordic countries, commercial publishers predominate; however, in Finland the majority are society publishers. The number of open access journals is low, in line with international figures. There is concern to maintain local languages in journal publishing. A majority of the journals publishing in local languages are within social science, humanities… 

Spanish Scholarly Journals in WoS and Scopus: The Impact of Open Access

The aim of this study was to determine the impact of open access on the publishing policies of Spanish scholarly journals indexed by Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus, and it was estimated that 48 per cent of all journals were open access.

Scholarly Journal Publishing and Open Access in South Korea

Abstract This study examines the publishing for 1,437 Korean journals classified by publisher types and disciplines. The aim of the analysis is to understand the status of the journal publishing and

Activation of Publishing Domestic SCIE Journals Based on the Situation Analysis

The results show that in general domestic journals in Korean SCIE journals were not actively cited, had a low level of internationality, and user services through the website was insufficient.

Open access journals: a bibliometric study in SSCI

A bibliometric study of journal articles in Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) related to open access journals was described to provide librarians and scholars with a basic reference of relevant resources.

Usage Trends of Open Access and Local Journals: A Korean Case Study

The publishing / citing mismatch is a term to describe this difference, which is an issue at Seoul National University, where the number of published papers at open access or local journals is increasing but the numberof citations is not, and the cause is multi-factorial.

Research Information Systems in the Nordic Countries - Infrastructure, Concepts, and Organization

This report is commissioned by the Nordbib programme, and is based on a web survey of the current status of CRIS (Current Research Information Systems) and IR (Institutional Repositories) in the

Comparison of Article Processing Fees on Open Access Journals with a 4.5-Year History of Publishing

This study selected two peer-reviewed journals and performed comparative analysis on the publishing statistics, abstracting and indexation of the journals as important characteristics of the ways of growth of both peer- reviewed publications.

Interlending and document supply: a review of the recent literature: 69

A review of the most recent literature concerning document supply and related matters is provided, finding there is still great potential in the lending of returnables and for excellent services backed up by good marketing.

Plan S, self‐publishing, and addressing unreasonable risks of society publishing

Funders and other science publishing campaigns need to recognize the value of learned societies and work with them to sustain the production of quality knowledge, as Societies face increasing pressure to contain costs and retain revenues.

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography 2010

This bibliography lists citations of English-language articles, books and other printed and electronic sources that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the



Language biases in the coverage of the Science Citation Index and its consequencesfor international comparisons of national research performance

The authors conclude that the value of impact indicators of research activities at the level of an institution or a country strongly depend upon whether one includes research publications in SCI covered journals written in other languages than in English.

A Nordic Co-Operative Solution for Scholarly Publishing

A review of the change of paradigm in scholarly communication and publishing the technological development for electronic peer review and publishing status for the Nordic area focusing particularly on social sciences and the humanities suggestions for possible models for scholarly publishing recommendations for Nordic co-operation projects and solution models are provided.

The Growth of English for Academic Communication in the Nordic Countries

This article discusses the danger of subtractive English in higher education in Norway. If the use of a mother tongue as the medium of communication at the highest academic levels ceases, is

University of Helsinki opens its research vaults: a few words on open access and the new research environment in Finland

(In Finnish) Helsingin yliopisto avaa tutkimusvarantonsa: joitain ajatuksia julkaisujen avoimesta saatavuudesta ja uudesta tutkimusymparistosta Suomessa Helsingin yliopiston rehtori teki toukokuussa

Unified access to and reporting of Swedish scientific publications

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