Schlieren and shadowgraph techniques

  title={Schlieren and shadowgraph techniques},
  author={Gary S. Settles},
a review of recent developments in schlieren and schlieren visualization joseph shepherd lecture # 09: flow visualization techniques: schlieren and shadowgraph, schlieren and interferometry part 01 schlieren and shadowgraph techniques osfp schlieren and shadowgraph techniques module 5: schlieren and shadowgraph lecture 26 shadowgraph and schlieren techniques schlieren techniques for the visualization of current visualization based on refractive-index affects shadowgraph and schlieren techniques… 
Study of Schlieren Optical Visualization Basics Technique and the Principle
This paper presents a schlieren optical visualization technique and its application in observation of the changes of intensity in real images. Schlieren optical visualization technique system is the
Laser-induced gas breakdown as a light source for schlieren and shadowgraph particle image velocimetry
The "schlieren PIV" technique combines schlieren or shadowgraph optics with particle image veloci- metry PIV equipment to measure the velocities of turbulent eddies in flows with sufficiently strong
High Speed Stereoscopic Shadowgraph and Its Digital 3D Reconstruction
Schlieren/shadowgragh technique remains to be one of the powerful flow visualisation techniques due to their relatively easy implementation, high and variable sensitivity, low cost and the use of
Phase-shifting schlieren: high-resolution quantitative schlieren that uses the phase-shifting technique principle.
The potential of the phase-shifting schlieren technique that in some situations can become competitive with interferometry but with a much better dynamic range and with variable sensitivity is shown.
Focusing-schlieren visualization in direct-connect dual-mode scramjet
Schlieren imaging has high sensitivity for density gradient in a flow field, and easily captures not only shock and expansion waves but also turbulent structures in the flow field. The conventional
Approaching phase-imaging through defocusing shadowgraphy for acoustic resonator diagnosis and the capability of direct index-of-refraction measurements.
The optical process involved in DF-shadowgraphy was investigated from a theoretical perspective, and a numerical solution of the sophisticated impulse response function was obtained, which converts the phase distortion into intensity distributions.
Computerized background-oriented schlieren
The BOS method offers not only the possibility of qualitative and quantitative schlieren investigations but also has the potential to determine density fields by integration of the measured gradient fields.
Quantitative investigations of a schlieren velocimetry technique by a schlieren motion estimation (SME) method
A schlieren motion estimation (SME) method is a physical-based schlieren image velocimetry involving both schlieren luminance characteristic equation and continuity equation. This seedless
Enhanced schlieren imaging applied in heat and air jet visualizations: a wave propagation-based model
  • G. M. OcaP. Almoro
  • Physics
    International Conference on Photonics and Optical Engineering and the Annual West China Photonics Conference
  • 2019
Refractive index variations caused by temperature or pressure gradients in transparent fluids are invisible to the naked eye. Schlieren effect reveals this variation using refraction and the
The full-scale schlieren technique was famous and especially developed for flow visualization with large area of test section. This article further presents the color full-scale schlieren technique


Evaluation of the shadowgraph method for the convective flow in a side-heated cavity
The shadowgraph method is used to visualize the convective flow in a water-filled square cavity, which is differentially heated and cooled from the opposing vertical sidewalls. Since in this system a
Determination of Interference Patterns from Laser Produced Schlieren Interferometry
The known expression for the Doppler frequency shift may be used in the derivation of the relation for interference-intensity patterns in Young's modified double-slit arrangement with a monochromatic
Velocity of Sound in Air Using Schlieren Techniques
An undergraduate experiment is described in which Schlieren photographs are made of the sound waves produced by an electric spark. Electronic control of the time lapse between initiation of the sound