Schizotypy as an organizing framework for social and affective sciences.

  title={Schizotypy as an organizing framework for social and affective sciences.},
  author={Alex S. Cohen and Christine Mohr and Ulrich Ettinger and Raymond C K Chan and Sohee Park},
  journal={Schizophrenia bulletin},
  volume={41 Suppl 2},
Schizotypy, defined in terms of commonly occurring personality traits related to the schizophrenia spectrum, has been an important construct for understanding the neurodevelopment and stress-diathesis of schizophrenia. However, as schizotypy nears its sixth decade of application, it is important to acknowledge its impressively rich literature accumulating outside of schizophrenia research. In this article, we make the case that schizotypy has considerable potential as a conceptual framework for… CONTINUE READING