Schizophrenia in Women—A Different Phenotype?

  title={Schizophrenia in Women—A Different Phenotype?},
  author={Ahmed Naguy and Shima Fatehi},
  journal={Archives of Women's Mental Health},
Treatment Women respond generally to lower antipsychotic doses. They tend to have a more favourable antipsychotic response. They are more vulnerable to metabolic and hormonal side effects as shown in CATIE study. Old women are more susceptible to TD. Add-on estrogen helped positive domain and general psychopathology in 2 RCTs by Kulkarni et al. (2015) and Akhondzadeh et al. (2003). To extrapolate, raloxifene, SERM, has been demonstrated to improve positive symptoms. An RCT by Usall et al. (2016… CONTINUE READING