Scheme-independent calculation of $\gamma_{\bar\psi\psi,IR}$ for an SU(3) gauge theory

  title={Scheme-independent calculation of \$\gamma\_\{\bar\psi\psi,IR\}\$ for an SU(3) gauge theory},
  author={Thomas A. Ryttov and Robert Shrock},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We present a scheme-independent calculation of the infrared value of the anomalous dimension of the fermion bilinear, $\gamma_{\bar\psi\psi,IR}$ in an SU(3) gauge theory as a function of the number of fermions, $N_f$, via a series expansion in powers of $\Delta_f$, where $\Delta_f=(16.5-N_f)$, to order $\Delta_f^4$. We perform an extrapolation to obtain the first determination of the exact $\gamma_{\bar\psi\psi,IR}$ from continuum field theory. The results are compared with calculations of the… 

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