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Scheme for assessing ovarian status in swine

  title={Scheme for assessing ovarian status in swine},
  author={U. Schnurrbusch and J. Bergfeld and K. Brussow and U. Kaltofen},
  journal={Monatshefte für Veterinärmedizin},
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Sperm migration in pigs after deep intrauterine and intraperitoneal insemination.
The results clearly indicate that after low dose IUI into one uterine horn, spermatozoa reach the contralateral oviduct via transuterine migration. Expand
Study of enteral versus parenteral application of the gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist Gonadorelin[6-D-Phe] (D-Phe6-LHRH) on LH secretion in Goettinger miniature pigs.
Enteral application of D-Phe(6)-LHRH induced LH release in a physiological range from the pituitary of female minipigs, and neither an accumulative effect nor a cumulative LH response were found after repeated GnRH application, and in regard to consumer protection and gonadotropin secretion, D-HHRH residues can be excluded from having long-term effects. Expand
Follicular and oocyte development in gilts of different age.
Results indicate a different follicular and oocyte development during the investigated lifetime periods, and prediction of lifetime performance based on individual ovarian reaction of prepuberal gilts is unsuitable. Expand
Alteration of gonadotrophin and steroid hormone release, and of ovarian function by a GnRH antagonist in gilts.
Antarelix treatment during the follicular phase blocked preovulatory LH surge, while FSH and oestradiol secretion were not affected, and Antarelix failed to alter pulsatile LH and FSH secretor or pituitary responsiveness to LHRH during the prevulatory period. Expand
Ovarian response, embryo recovery and results of embryo transfer in a Hungarian native pig breed.
It is concluded that an appropriate inter-breed ET program is a suitable tool to propagate the endangered Mangalica breed. Expand
Ovum pick up in swine: the influence of aspiration vacuum pressure on oocyte recovery from preovulatory follicles.
It is demonstrated that variation in aspiration pressure affects oocytes recovery rate and COC quality and aspiration vacuum pressure of 17 to 32 ml water/min was found to be optimal in swine both for oocyte recovery and C OC quality. Expand