Scheme dependence of two-loop HTLpt-resummed $\text{SYM}_{4,4}$ thermodynamics

  title={Scheme dependence of two-loop HTLpt-resummed \$\text\{SYM\}\_\{4,4\}\$ thermodynamics},
  author={Qianqian Du and Ubaid Tantary and Michael Strickland},
The resummed thermodynamics of N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory in four space-time dimensions (SYM 4 , 4 ) has been calculated previously to two loop order within hard thermal loop perturbation theory (HTLpt) using the canonical dimensional regularization (DRG) scheme. Herein, we revisit this calculation using the regularization by dimensional reduction (RDR) scheme. Since the RDR scheme manifestly preserves supersymmetry it is the preferred scheme, however, it is important to assess if… 

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